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A strategy of The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company

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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - NHE3

Connecting local partners and organizing resources for better economic outcomes in New Haven County

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Creating Digital Profiles
 of ESOs and Businesses

Build a Digital Profile

Say who you are, what you do, 
and where you are - add staff, create a webpage, add opening times, social media handles and more

Publish Events & Jobs

Post job openings in your organization and publish events in a centralized community calendar - linking your posts to external websites like Indeed and Eventbrite 

Track Contacts

Know who is interested in your services
 and connect with them by email

Publish Services/Products

Make it easier for the community to find you by publishing information about your services and products and make these searchable with the use of  Ai

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Register your Business

A simple process to capture basic information about your organization.

Build a Digital Profile

Say who you are, where you are, what you do and how to connect.

Publish Ai ready

Have your digital profile searchable with E3Connector Ai integrated tools.

Connect with Service Seekers

Connect with local service seekers that are interested in the services you provide.

Create a FREE searchable business profile on NHE3

If you are a business or business support organization based in New Haven County, you can create a free business profile on NHE3 

Local Partners

Better Local Capital

Discover Better Local Capital, creating affordable capital for small and BIPOC led businesses that is smarter, fairer and faster.

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About NHE3

NHE3 is facilitating the growth of entrepreneurial pathways to economic independence and generational wealth.

New Haven is at an important inflection point; by boosting entrepreneurship and small business growth within under-connected communities, the community has the potential to undo structural inequities and remove the barriers to job creation.

Joseph W. Williams Jr.

As Managing Director of The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company (TCF-MIC), Joseph “Joe” Williams focuses on building, leading and coordinating the day-to-day activities related to the establishment of an inclusive, integrated and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Haven.

Arthur W. Thomas III

Mr. Thomas is the Director of Mission Investing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. This role provides a platform for advancing cross-sector leadership collaboratives that create strategies for increasing equity and empowerment