New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
A strategy of The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company

Building Dynamic Local Ecosystems

Technology that organizes service providers, curates and publishes searchable content, with better coordination and impactful outcomes 

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E3Connector is one Platform 
Hosting Multiple Ecosystems and 
Community Service Providers

New Haven, Connecticut NHE3 Ecosystem

NHE3 is a local ecosystems serving New Haven County in Connecticut. NHE3 connects service seekers with Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESO) grassroot organizations and businesses

Better Local Capital

An emerging community based Lender that has hosted its innovative Fintech platform on E3Connector. Better Local Capital is providing Smarter, Fairer and Faster capital to small and and minority businesses

Build your Ecosystem on E3Connector in 30 Days

Quickly build your local ecosystem, at a town, city, state or regional level, deploy multiple services, including events, jobs and a transactional applications like our Fintech for building a local capital market place.

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E3Connector Services

Profile Build Assist

A full dynamic end-to-end and simple process for building and publishing your organization, its people and services. Publish events, post job opportunities, making it easier for service seekers to easily find and connect with your organization using E3Connector's Dynamic Search Widget with its Search, List, View and Connect functionality.

Market Research Assist

Gain improved insights into local service gaps to improve resource allocation, with enhanced support for strategic and operational planning. Market Research Assist is the tool for local community economic builders who must balance cost and value and track impact and outcomes with tailored KPIs.

Back Office Assist

With increasing budget constraints, organizations can improve operational effectiveness by tapping under-utilized resources and skills. Increase productivity and impact with Back-office Assist - the next evolution in outsourced service delivery support.


E3Connector Products

Territory Builder

Build and establish presence in any geographic location, by State or Local Municipalities. Organize resources that meet needs of local and statewide stakeholders. Territory Builder is a tool for state and local government departments, agencies and influential community champions.


Corporate Builder

This incredible tools links with Territory Builder and enables corporate organizations to coordinate and organize assets within their own ecosystem. Corporate Builder when linked with AI Content Builder, enable organizations to create dynamic data repositories, from internal subject matter experts, and make content publicly or privately searchable to selected audiences.

AI Content Builder

AI Content Builder is a remarkable product that empower large corporate, government agencies, national, state and regional organizations, and professional / membership associations, to use internal expertise to create and publish content that is organized and made accessible with the use of multiple AI tools - that are beyond a ChatGPT offering. AI Content Builder enhances internal and external customer centric functions, where the need for accurate and timely information is essential.